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Terms and Conditions

The check-in time of all our resorts and hotels is 2:00 PM, while the check-out time is 11:00 PM. If the arrival at a hotel/resort is made by the customer before 7:00 AM, the reservation should be made in advance, at least from the previous night. Any reserved room will be held until 6:00 PM on the designated arrival day, until and unless any information related to late check-in is provided by the customer. Customers can also request for late check-outs and we may entertain them subject to availability. Prices may change without any prior information or notice provided by us. Taxes, including luxury taxes, are applicable following the Government of India laws and regulations. Any increase in the taxes will be charged upon the customer. A room can accommodate a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults along with 2 children (before 5 years of age). A maximum of one extra mattress or one rollaway bed may be provided for each room. All foreigners and NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) are required to show their passports at the check-in counter. All Indians should also carry a valid identity proof and produce the same at the check-in counter.

Credit Card Usage

We aim to avoid all kinds of credit card frauds in our transactions. Any transaction/booking made using a credit card should be accompanied by a valid ID proof of the customer. Credit cards should be produced by the customers at the time of check-in/booking.

When the credit card holder is not amongst the persons staying in the room, a photocopy of the card (front and back) that is self-attested by the credit card owner should be produced, at the time check-in is made. Along with this, a letter written by the credit card holder that permits the use of a credit card for booking purposes should be produced. The letter should have details including names of persons staying at the room, travel date, room type, and property. This letter should also be produced along with the photocopy of the credit card. When submitting the copy of the credit card, ensure that the CVV number is blacked out. CVV number is the 3-digit number given on the back of the credit card. We may deny the reservation if all these documents and information is not provided by the customer, and have a right to do so. In these scenarios, only taxes will be refunded. In case any misleading, false or erroneous information is provided by the customer, Zaradise Hospitality & Infra LLP has the right to cancel the booking, and may not provide any intimation for it. Guests are requested to use the same identification verification proof for booking and check-in verification.

Child Policy

All kids below the age of 6 years can stay free at the resorts (accommodation only) along with their parents. All children age 6 years and above will be charged at the adult rates only. In case any opinion differences occur due to the age of the child, a valid ID proof will be required.

Reservation Policy

The customer needs to pay the entire amount (for the complete stay period) for conforming to the reservation and for booking. The package rates may change without any intimation or prior notice.

Ownership Information

All the information provided on the website relates to the hotels, resorts and hospitality accommodations owned by Zaradise Hospitality & Infra LLP (including Hotel Seven Oaks, Mussoorie). The business corporation is constituted as per the laws of the Republic of India, and its affiliates, controlled entities, branches, offices, and subsidiaries.

Use of Website

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Users can use the website for gathering information and/or making reservations for themselves. While the website can be used for personal purposes freely, it cannot be used for any commercial purposes. For any such use, legal consent from Zaradise Hospitality and Infra LLP is mandatory. The users also confirm that they will not be using the website for purposes including solicitations, spamming, junk mailing, chain letters and/or bulk communications of any nature (including the mailing to persons who have not permitted it).


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Zaradise Hospitality & Infra LLP

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Liability Disclaimer and Exclusion

We at Zaradise Hospitality & Infra LLP are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage/loss (may arise through any means including contract or tort) that you may suffer from because of being in connection with or arising due to:

  • The use of this website or any other linked website and/or material.
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    2. When a breach is related to the product(s), repair, or payment of costs for product repair, or replacement of the product, or supply of similar and equipment product, or monetary compensation for replacing the product, or payment for acquiring a similar product.
Hotel Reservations

Any reservation-related feature or information provided on the website has a purpose to assist and help customers so that they can inquire about the hotel services and products and/or make reservations. People and users who indulge in reservations confirm that they are of legal age to enter into binding legal contracts. You will be financially responsible for any fee associated with the reservations made by you or on account of you. You confirm that you will provide only correct and accurate information, including personal, financial and credit card information among others, while using the website or while you enter into a transaction. When using credit cards, you should confirm that the card has sufficient funds for making the transaction. We validate the card details, including credit card details, before providing any products and services.

Security and Non-Confidentiality

We at Zaradise Hospitality & Infra LLP do not ensure or warrant the confidentiality or the security of information that you provide to us on the website. All information provided by the user will be at his/her own risk.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

The laws of India govern all the terms and conditions mentioned here. The user, you, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mussoorie.

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We offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off service for our guests from and to Green Chowk, Mall Road, Mussoorie.

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We offer free parking facility during their stay.

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